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Getting to Know Your Dashboard (Free VSee Clinic)

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What's on your Free VSee Clinic dashboard:

  1. Waiting Room - This is where you will see the real-time status of your Patient visits. There are 4 Waiting Room phases: Getting Ready, Ready for Visit, In progress, and Recent. You will also see here the different statuses of your patients from Available, Offline, Away and In call.
  2. Gear Icon - Set your Waiting Room notifications. Upon clicking it, a pop-up window will appear. You can enable or disable seeing patients in the waiting room by clicking the checkbox. You can also enable or disable the sound alert notifications when patients enter your waiting room by clicking on the bell icon. For most cases, we recommend having these settings enabled.
  3. Invite Patient button - Upon clicking it, you will be routed to the Invite Patient page where you can send a link or an email to access your clinic’s landing page.
  4. Video links to help you get started with using your Clinic. For step-by-step instructions on editing your Clinic settings and how the different features of your Clinic work, click “View help articles.” Once you’re done watching the videos and want to hide the links, just click on the ellipsis button (...) and click “I got it, do not show this again”.
  5. Profile Menu. Click on the drop-down arrow to  view or modify the following:
    1.  My Account - View and edit your visible profile information, notification settings, call preferences and billing information 
    2.  Clinic Plans - See the different subscription options available
    3.  My Clinic - View and edit your various waiting room settings
    4.  Waiting Room Notifications - Set patient visibility and waiting room alerts
    5.  Invite Patient - Copy a link or send an email invitation to your patients
    6.  Help - Access VSee learning resources and technical assistance information 
    7.  Test Device - Confirm device setup and functionality for VSee calls by running through a device test.
    8. Got some feedback or gotten into some issues while using VSee Clinic? Hover through the blue bar on the right, click feedback, and accomplish the form so we can help troubleshoot your issue.
    9. The green banner on top of your dashboard shows your current subscription. Click on “Upgrade Now” to view the different subscription options. 

For further assistance, send us an email at

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