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Dial Out a Participant via VSee Messenger

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During an ongoing call, you can dial out a participant by keying in the contact’s local number or key in a PIN to add an interpreter or another participant.

  • Only moderators/hosts of the call may dial out a participant
  • The Dial Keypad will be grayed out at first, and will only get activated once you have initiated a dial-out.


How to Dial Out Using VSee Messenger

1. Once on the call, click on More (…) to show the menu.

Note: The Dial-out PIN keypad is grayed out at this point. A Dial-out call must first be made before it gets activated.

2. Click on Dial a Phone.

3. A pop-up window will appear. Enter a 10-digit US phone number.

4. Click on Call Now button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Only the first 3 and last 4 digits of the phone number will be shown on the dialed-out participant's window screen for privacy.

5. If the phone number has an extension number then click again on More (…) on the menu tray.

6. Select Dial keypad.


7. The dial keypad window will pop up and you can now select the number following the recorded instructions. 

8. Once connected with the dial-out participant, click on Close to exit the dial keypad window and go back to the video call view. You can also drag the dial keypad window aside to uncover the video windows of the participants.


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