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Clinic Admin: Manage Users

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Managing rooms and providers actually go hand-in-hand when you have Clinic Admin access. As Clinic Admin, you can:

  • Create the room first then assign existing Providers, or
  • Create a Provider account first then assign the user to existing rooms

Search for a User

1. Admin panel > Users.

2. Search by name or email. You may filter based on user type, status, clinic or rooms.

3. Click Search.

Create a Provider or Patient

1. Admin panel > Users.

2. To create a patient account, choose New member

To create a provider account, choose New provider.

3. Fill in the fields with the user's information. You can skip the optional fields and click Save.

4. See related articles for a step-by-step guide.


Edit or Delete a Provider or Patient 

1. Search for the specific user.

2. You may edit, delete or change a user's password accordingly.

 3. See related articles for a step-by-step guide. 

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