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Access Individual Participant Controls

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As a meeting host, you have access to different meeting controls that will provide a smoother Visit with your Participants. Each participant has his own set of icons that you can manage during the call. 

Below are the different icons that you will be seeing in an In Progress Visit. Click on the links from the table to learn more.

1. Microphone Icon

Remotely enable/disable the microphone of your participant. This is best done to avoid Visit disruptions due to unnecessary noise. 

Note: Participants can unmute themselves if they need to.

2.  Chat Icon

Access the chat icon button to initiate a chat and send files to a Participant individually. 

How to Chat with a Participant During the Visit

Note: Messages created from the web-chat icon are still available even after a Visit. 

3. Ellipsis Button

You can do the following with the ellipsis button: 

A. View patient details

B. Mute a Participant

C. End visit for this person


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This article was last updated on: 15 December 2022

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