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VSee Clinic (Web and Mobile) – Apple Sign In and Start Visits via SMS Link - News / VSee Clinic Release - VSee Helpdesk

JUL 27 2020

VSee Clinic (Web and Mobile) – Apple Sign In and Start Visits via SMS Link

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We are excited to announce yet another set of new features to make your telehealth experience even more convenient. 

1. New! Apple Sign In for Patients (Web and Mobile)

This will allow patients to login to VSee Clinic portal and mobile app* using their Apple ID. It will be automatically enabled for clinics with Google Login. If you want to enable Apple Sign In for your clinic, please contact us.

*Works on iOS 13 and up.


2. New! Start a Visit from an SMS Appointment Link*

With this new feature, patients can quickly start a clinic appointment right from their mobile device. The appointment link will now be included in SMS notifications which are sent to both patients and providers.

Patients will receive the appointment link on all SMS appointment confirmations, reminders and changes (if any).

Providers, on the other hand, will receive their login link on all SMS appointment confirmations and reminders. 

*Note: SMS notifications are only available on clinics with the SMS feature enabled. To enable this for your clinic, please contact us.

3. Updated – Quick Start a Chat with a Provider

Previously, patients had to click into the provider profile before they could initiate a chat with the provider. With this update, patients can now quick start a chat by clicking on the small chat icon displayed next to a listed provider.

Important Notes:

1) The new quick chat icon is only available for Clinics with multiple providers and that have the patient-initiated chat feature enabled. If you would like to enable this feature for your clinic, please contact us.

2) The patient-initiated chat feature allows patients (excluding guests) to start a chat with a provider. If you would like to disable this feature, please contact us.

4. (Mobile App) Provider List on the Home page and New Visits Tab

Previously an individual tab, the provider list is now a sub-tab on the home page for patients’ quick reference. The newly added Visits tab will show a patient’s upcoming and past visits.


 Various improvements and bug fixes are also included in this release. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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