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How To Acknowledge a Priority Message Alert - Knowledgebase / VSee Messenger (Providers and Patients) - VSee Helpdesk

How To Acknowledge a Priority Message Alert

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We get that it’s important for doctors to make sure they receive notifications for their calls and appointments. If you are using VSee Clinic as a provider, you can receive a priority message when a patient enters your clinic.

 When a priority message is sent, it will show up on all your devices that are logged into VSee Messenger. The continuous notifications will end once the message is acknowledged on any one of the devices.

The priority message shows up as a highlighted orange text bubble along with a flashing banner and a special ring tone. The ring tone will continue every 20 seconds until the receiving provider acknowledges the alert.

How to Acknowledge and Stop a Priority Alert

1. Open the VSee Messenger app. 

2. Simply click or tap on the flashing orange banner. If you are logged in multiple devices, you only need to acknowledge in one of your devices.


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