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How to Use Group Chat

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In an In Progress Visit, Group Chat allows the Providers to send instant messages and files among all the Participants of the Visit and vice versa. All members of the visit have the ability to read everything that is being sent using this feature.

How to Send a Group Chat

1. On the right side of your divided video screen, click on Group Chat.

2. A chat window will appear on the right side of your screen.

   Type your message in the “Type your message here” field.

Note:  All Participants of the visit can respond to the messages through the same chat window. 

Once the call is done, all messages sent through the Group chat will be expired. 

Scope and Limitation

  • Group Chat’s name will be the Visit number of the Appointment. 

  • Click on the landscape icon if you need to send a file such as laboratory readings.

  • Messages that are sent through the Group Chat are non-retrievable right after the Visit.


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This article was last updated on: 16 December 2022

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