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How to Print Prescriptions

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1. Select the Print checkbox next to the prescription on the Patient Summary screen and then click Complete.

2. This will open the Prescription Preview screen and show a PDF Print Preview.

3. There are several formats/templates to choose from. You can preview different formats by opening the tool icon and selecting from the drop-down. See notes at the bottom.

4. Click the final Print button to mark it "printed". This will push a printout to your browser and allow you to select a printer to send it to. 

  • Many of the formats have security features such as ** surrounding the quantities and refills, a micro signature line*, and a security note. Several states have specific rules about Rx Hard Copies.  For example New Jersey has special paper that must have the blanks filled (if you are printing in NJ, select the format that ends with "NJ" for that template.  In Ohio, Prescribers are required to use one signature line, have state license, credentials and physically write "DAW" for any dispense as written. (Use OH template).  In Washington State, Prescribers are required to have two signature lines - one for DAW and one for substitutions allowed. Please check your state laws and preview the templates to find the one that meets your state rules and paper type.  If you need help determining which format is best/approved in your state, please call support.  After you have selected a certain format, the system will remember your last used format next time.
  • The print sample includes a watermark across the top for "Preview" - do not print from the PDF previewer/sample. Instead use the Print button at the top to open a large version of the printout and select your printer.
  • Note:  Printing requires a PDF viewer for your browser.  Most systems have PDF viewers built in, for older browsers you might be required to download Acrobat Reader (a free viewer)

                              ***Microline requires a minimum of 1200 DPI quality printing

                              **Printing may not be supported using Microsoft Edge Browser**

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