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Guest Scheduling

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With the Guest Scheduling feature, a patient can proceed to a provider-created appointment without actually logging into the clinic (as if he is a guest).

  1. Provider must schedule an appointment with the patient. See steps at 
  2. Patient will receive an email containing the one-time appointment link.

One-time Appointment Link for Patients

On the appointment confirmation email, the patient must click on the button which is actually the one-time appointment link.

(a) One-time appointment link - This link allows the patient to  start the appointment on the specified date/time without the need to signup or login.

(b) Start Appointment button - This button is displayed up until the appointment time but is only clickable atleast 15 mins before the actual appointment time. It will disappear (making the appointment link expired) once the visit is completed. If the patient missed the appointment, he must contact the provider to re-book.

(c) Options (3 dots) 

  • To invite a guest (family member or translator) to the appointment, click Invite a guest to the call. This is a separate feature that can be enabled for your clinic.

  • To cancel the appointment, click Cancel appointment.

(d) Basic Appointment Info - Date and time, Provider and Visit Type

(e) Dial-in - Number and PIN in case the patient can only join through phone.

If the patient got disconnected during the call due to network issues for example, he can go back to the one-time appointment link on the email to resume the visit.

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