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E-Rx Signup

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VSee Clinic is using MDToolbox, a certified, award-winning, safe and secure e-Prescribing application.

When you first log-in as a prescriber, the system will need to verify your identity and credentials. During the activation process, your will go through ID Proofing. This is a legal requirement in order to be able to send prescriptions electronically. 

1. Go to e-Rx tab to start the signup process. 

2. There will be a series of steps including a credential check where you will be required to enter your NPI and DEA numbers.

3. Make sure to enter a personal phone number that is in your name. If MDToolbox is able to verify your information, an activation code will be sent to your phone number making the process very quick. If the phone number entered is not in your name, MDToolbox is legally required to mail your activation code to a verified address, so it will take longer to get your account activated.

4. Once your credentials are verified, you will receive an activation code.  This activation code is sent to your phone of record (via text message if your cell number is validated or a message on your home phone if that number was validated).*  Sending the final activation code to a confirmed phone number keeps your identity safe.  We want to make sure you and only you are able to write and send prescriptions in your name. 

5. Once you have the activation code, enter it and then select which service options you would like to sign up for under Account Activation. Follow the succeeding steps as instructed.

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