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Clinic Admin: Create Provider (Step by Step)

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Create a Provider (Step By Step Guide)

1. Admin panel > Users > New provider. 

2. Under Subtype, choose accordingly then click Next.

  • Licensed Service Provider: Health Practitioner who will do actual consultation with a patient or client.
  • Customer Service Representative: Could be a nurse or clinic staff who will not conduct actual consultations.
  • Remote Medic: Could be a nurse or clinic staff who is physically present to assist the patient do the virtual visit. This is only available for clinics that are using remote medic or nurse-assisted workflow.

3. Under Demographics, fill in the required fields. Note that only the First Name and Last Name fields may be displayed to patients. From hereon, you may opt to skip the optional fields and fill them out later.

4. Under License, below fields may require input. No fields under this section will be displayed to patients.

  • Specialties: Leave "Default" as value.
  • States Serviced:  "All Locations" is the default value. This field is extremely important if your clinic has State-mapping feature where only providers who service the patient's chosen location will be notified and will be able to see the patient. Please contact for any questions or assistance.

5. Under Profile, you can choose to fill out Bio and upload a photo of the provider. These two will be displayed to patients.

6. Lastly under Assignment, you can select the rooms where you want to assign the user. You may skip this step if you haven't created the room yet. You can assign later while creating the room.

7. Click Save

The user account is now created! Do not forget to assign to a room if you have not done yet. The user will be sent a welcome email informing them about their login details.

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